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When you select Serrador Project Management for you training needs, you receive not just a trainer but an experienced project manager.

Training is provided in the following areas:

Practical Microsoft Project
How to make the best use of MS Project for project managers
Managing Application Development
How to ensure your application development project doesn’t go off the rails
Agile Software Development for Project Managers
New agile processes can have a lot of benefits but need to be implemented the right way for the project and environment
Offshore Project Management
See WEBINAR: Offshoring for the PM
Stakeholder Management
Please note this material is from our 1/2 day workshop, additional material is available for the full day workshop.
See Stakeholder Management Workshop
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We offer Project Management Training in a variety of formats.

Please click on any of the below links to obtain additional information:

On-Site Training
Virtual Training

Speaking engagements
"Are Agile projects more successful? The results of new research on Agile"
Presented at PMI Global Congress, Phoenix, Oct. 2014

"Stakeholder Management: Keeping Stakeholders Thoroughly Happy"
Presented at ProjectWorld, Toronto, June 2014

"The Importance of The Planning Phase To Project Success"
Paper presented at PMI Global Congress, Vancouver, BC, Oct. 2012

"Project Planning and Success Workshop"
Training session presented at TD Bank, Mississauga, Ontario, Oct. 2012

"Project to program management: Taking your career to the next level"
Paper presented at PMI Global Congress, Washington DC, Oct. 2010

"PM for Research and Time Management for researchers half day workshop"
University of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersery, May 2010

"Stakeholders Management Workshop half day workshop"
PMI SOC, Toronto , May 2010

"PM for Research and Time Management for researchers day workshop"
University of New Jersey, Newark, New Jersery, May 2010

"Offshoring: How to Keep Your Western Clients Coming Back"
PMI Global Congress Asia Pacific, Melbourne, Australia, Feb. 2010

"Keeping Stakeholders Consistently Happy"
PMI Global congress, Florida , Oct. 2009

"Keeping Stakeholders Consistently Happy"
ITSLIG presentation, Toronto , Aug. 2009

"Managing Off shored Projects: Are you ready to capitalize?"
PMI Global congress EMEA, Amsterdam , May 2009

"Offshoring for the PM: Globalization is Here"
PMI Global congress NA, Denver , Oct. 2008
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